“Our coffee is ground to order and made in our bean to cup machine to ensure you have the same great coffee every day.”

Good Quality and Sustainable – Med Food Co Takeaway Coffee

How sustainable is your takeaway coffee?

We set out to offer good quality takeaway coffee with minimal impact on the environment. We source the coffee beans both for taste and ethical production which is why we have chosen beans from Sheffield based coffee experts Café Cereza. We have had our own fully compostable cups and lids designed for Med Food Co which will biodegrade safely in the compost heap or household waste.

The beans are ground to order to make fresh and tasty coffee produced exactly the same way every day.  We are coffee fans at Med Food Co and can vouch for the great flavour and perfect crema that comes out of our espresso machine.

The Café Cereza team combine award winning sustainable business practises with fantastic taste.  Their coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance certified which ensures that they are both environmentally friendly and ethically traded.  The beans come from El Salvador where they have been sourced directly from the producers and are roasted and packed in the UK.  In sourcing the Café Cereza coffee beans, attention has been paid to the welfare of both the producers and their environment making the product sustainable for growers and consumers alike.

All our coffees are also available in decaffeinated and we have Cocoaology fair trade hot chocolate for a delicious comforting treat.

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Hot Chocolate



All coffees available in decaffeinated

English Breakfast Tea


Herbal Tea


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