Looking for healthy takeaway Sheffield?

Healthy takeaway Sheffield?  Try Med Food Co in Broomhill.  We specialise in healthy fast food inspired by the Mediterranean.  Grilled chicken is our best seller and a lean and healthy option to keep you full for longer at any time of day.  We serve chicken in rice boxes, salad boxes and our freshly made flatbread wraps.  Some of our regular customers order extra chicken with everything!

Mediterranean fast food

What is the Mediterranean diet and why is it good for you?  The secret is fresh food and produce without additives or factory processing.  This is what we offer at Med Food Co and it is why we are different to most takeaways.  In order to make quick cheap takeaway food, many businesses rely on ready made kebabs, factory produced bread and plenty of bulky filling extras.  At Med Food Co we are truly Mediterranean.  This means we buy fresh ingredients and we cook them ourselves.

Daily bread

Bread – is that really healthy?  We believe it is if it is made from good quality ingredients without additives.  This is why we make our bread every day to a traditional Mediterranean recipe.  We make the dough from scratch, knead it by hand and prove it carefully before shaping in to round flatbreads and cooking those on our grill. The flatbreads are then ready for using as the wraps on our menu and in pieces with hummus in our fridge pots.

Five a day

Salad and vegetables are key to a healthy meal.  Does your takeaway include any fresh produce? All of our meals include some fresh salad or vegetables.  Our wraps have salad as standard and our rice boxes include a fresh red cabbage slaw.  You can also have a whole salad box topped with the protein of your choice.  One of our most popular specials has been our chicken, green bean and broccoli box topped with toasted seeds.  We will definitely have this permanently on our next healthy takeaway menu.

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